BUCKY: A Fuller Future

A Noel B. Murphy film- Jeff Bridges, Marianne Williamson and great visionaries of our time. All- inspiring you to your core genius


BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY WINNER- Bucky Fuller is considered to be the greatest renegade thinker of modern times.

 Writer/Director Noel B. Murphy tells the first of a 3 part trilogy of Bucky Fuller as the  "Grandfather of Green" later will come the story of his span of sustainable artifacts in film #2. "Design Science Revolution"  will allow you to grok the entire opus of Bucky Fuller's designs & artifacts. More importantly, seeing these films will arouse your own curiosity of why you are here on the planet and your genuine possibility to contribute your greatness!  Sting has seen BUCKY and strongly advises you see it too. Marianne Williamson agrees with Sting.  On the Golden Globes, Jeff Bridges told all of us that being the "Trimtab" tiny little force you are, is the only thing that ever moved the great ship.  This groundbreaking documentary contains never before seen footage of Buckminster Fuller the Grandfather of the modern green movement.

Your Trimtab Noel B.

Bucky, Bucky Fuller, Trimtab, Geodesic Dome, Dymaxion Car, Dymxion House, Jeff Bridges, Marianne Williamson, Buckminster Fuller

Produced by Noel B. Murphy  Written by Noel B. Murphy  Directed by Noel B. Murphy

  • Internatioanl Film Awards Bingefest 2019 UK | Best Feature Documentary
  • Reno/Tahoe international Film Fest | Nomination for Best Feature Documentary
  • Highline Film Festival | Hollywood Gold Star
  • Landmark Education | Enrollment Award (San Jose Center)
  • Moonwhite Film Festival, India | Official Selection
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Released 2020
Genre Documentary
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